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Roadside Vernacular Architecture

Originally Posted by Albany NY View Post
While trying to find info on the Malamute, I somehow stumbled upon this ice cream stand, circa 1930's. I'm not sure it's been covered before. Sorry if it has been. It apparently existed in LA until 1979. Any ideas on the location?
Originally Posted by BifRayRock View Post

Unconfirmed: Valley Blvd., Rosemead?
Originally Posted by GaylordWilshire View Post
According to the website of South Gate High School's Class of 1956, with a link to information by Tillie Hattrup's grandchild, the owl was built on Valley Blvd in Rosemead in 1926 and moved soon after to a better location three blocks away. In 1928 the owl was trucked down to South Gate, where it stood at 8404 Long Beach Blvd for about 20 years. It was by this time called the Hoot Owl Cafe, serving more than ice cream. In 1949 the owl moved again, this time to 8711 Long Beach Blvd. It lasted there for 30 years.

It appears that Roy and Tillie moved with their owl down to South Gate; they and their two sons were living at 8173 Beeachwood Ave in 1930; it seems that Roy flew the coupe before the next census; in 1940 Tillie was living with one son at 2808 Illinois Ave in this interesting court:
GW is, as always, correct (and then some).

Anyone who's at all interested in roadside vernacular architecture may want to turn to Jim Heimann's first book California Crazy (1980), in print for 20 years. Jim brought out a new edition in 2010 covering the entire United States, California Crazy and Beyond. Amazon has used copies for $1.99 (a new paperback is $12). The original edition had the Toed Inn (just covered on this thread) on the cover. The new edition sports the Dog Cafe. The books include lots of photos (of course) and addresses, but not, alas, the interesting homes of the owners. We need (and value) GW for that.

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