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Originally Posted by ethereal_reality View Post
I am using the above postcard and photograph as a preface to this extremely interesting photograph dated 1957. (found on an old cd of mine)

At first, I thought I was looking at this wrong.
Did the Hotel Westmoore actually build an addition in front of it's classic columned facade?

detail of the mystery addition

I am still looking for a photograph of the Hotel Westmoore with this addition.

ER: I haven't seen any pics of an intact Westmoore with the building in front. From what I can tell, it appears that the owners built an income-producing commercial structure (or sold off the frontage to new owners who built one). In any case, the center bay may have become the Westmoore's new entrance, giving the hotel the new address of 1004 West 7th, with commercial space on either side. Judging by insurance maps and Times ads, the new bldg was built after 1921. Antiques auction galleries appear to have a first tenant of the new 1000 space, as early as Oct 1922; a few years later, things got more interesting when the Health Center moved into 1000. It featured a "Corrective Eating Cafeteria," a health food store, and lectures by none other than Dr. Philip Lovell, he of the famed Lovell Health House in Los Feliz and the Lovell Beach House down in Newport Beach.

Times Sept 6, 1925

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