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I couldn't find a more appropriate section to post this but The Back Alley is coming back

“We intend to make it a bigger and better Back Alley. The inside of the bar is extremely nice and very well appointed with nice seating upscale amnesties etc,” says Turner. “We plan to keep that but bring it back to The Back Alley where there is more of an anything-goes mentality, as long as it’s fun.”

Turner says patrons can expect music ranging from pop and Top 40 to rap, rock, metal, and punk.

“If it’s popular and fun, we will be playing it. We will also play tons of videos,” says Turner. “We are bringing in an absolute state-of-the-art light show that is exclusive to Calgary for over the dance floor that will be awesome.”

As for food, The Back Alley will offer grub from Grumans Delicatessen.

The team is hoping to aim for an opening date at the end of November. We’ll keep you posted as details are released!
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