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I don't think it's dying for all the transplants that keep moving there with the means and education to find jobs that can afford to pay for their rent. I think it's dying for people that wing it and move there to work service jobs who then realize it's a struggle and have to work multiple jobs to afford a room in east oakland.

It's dying for the working class, at least in the Bay I think. Working in Silicon Valley, I spoke with alot of shuttle and van drivers who ferry tech workers around silicon valley. Most of them were either southbay natives or asian/latino immigrants who immigrated in the 80's and some of them bought homes in the 80's. The ones with houses are just waiting to cash out and head to Arizona/Texas and alot of the drivers with no property in the south bay had already moved out to tracy or beyond the san ramon valley since they couldnt afford to rent anymore in the southbay.I even had a friend who moved from Redwood City (where he was born) to Chicago because he said there he could be comfortable working a service job.