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Fires, earthquakes, high living costs etc.--is the "California Dream" Dying?

One thing after another out her in Cali-land. Fires, quakes, droughts, floods, record homelessness, traffic gridlock, impossible taxes & housing costs. Is the "California Dream" moribund, or is this just a lull? In recent years more Californians have left than newcomers have arrived...except for foreign immigrants. They still believe apparently. Maybe the "California Dream" was just a mirage anyway, dreamed up by real estate hucksters in the late 19th-early 20th century. But at least back then there was plenty of cheap land to build on. Now real estate is almost unaffordable for most and the traffic barely moves. So maybe this time the "dream" is really ending?

Is anyone on this forum planning to move TO California? How many of you in Cali are planning an exit? I am considering it.

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