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Originally Posted by ethereal_reality View Post
I see it says "across from Hamburger's"

A husband could have his hat remodeled and cleaned while the Mrs. shopped at Hamburger's (advertised, at the time, as the largest department store on the Pacifc Coast*)

oops. The location mentioned in odinthor's 1907 ad is the location prior to the Hamburger's largest department store. .

Here is the 'new' Hamburger's Department store under construction in 1907 at the southeast corner of Broadway and Eighth Street.

I'm not entirely sure in what direction we're looking in this pic. .... Is this the backside?
(probably a repeat for NLA)...........


Hmmm, so who lived in the two large houses? ..... They must have been infuriated by the Hamburger's decision to build their behemoth literally in the homeowner's backyards!
I would have been beside myself.

p.s. The Hamburger / May Co. building still stands at 801 S. Broadway.
e_r, I believe we're looking from the roof of the Percival Apt. bldg., which was on the west side of Hill St.

1909 Bird's Eye View of L.A. (detail)

More of this area of Hill St. (including the Percival) can be seen at the end of
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