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Originally Posted by ethereal_reality View Post

A RARE & unique look of a hat cleaning storefront in Los Angeles.


The address is written in pencil on the reverse side.

348 S. Broadway
Los Angeles

Here's a closer look. It's AMAZING. You can see the men working on hats through the windows.

As you can see, it is located next to the Los Angeles Theater, a vaudeville theater at the time.

At first I thought the sign about the store, and partially hidden by an awning, said 'Wicker Hat Works', but under closer inspection
the first letter isn't a W...........(I thought wicker because of straw boaters)

I imagine panama hats became popular because of the Panama Canal, right? (the canal opened in 1914) If so, that would help in dating the photograph.
It's on my mind because of my recent mention of the two Panama expostions in California (both in 1915).

Seller asking $89.99
M Flicker Hat Works was located at two locations at different times. In 1907 they were at 218 S. Franklin and in 1919 they were at 348 S. Broadway. At some point there may have been a store at 316 W. 7th. This building is now a GNC The establishment was run by a Michael Flicker who was born in Austria in about 1872.
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