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Originally Posted by CaliNative View Post
Regarding the ceiling light bulb, my guess would be that the big fixture to the right blew out, so a temporary bulb was hung to give light. Cheaper than repairing the big fixture, or maybe they couldn't find the correct parts? This was the start of the Depression, so money needed to be spent wisely.

I have a question--what are the items for sale stacked on the counter at left, and the cylindrical thingies for sale ("2 for 25 cents") in wire bin below? Any ideas? Can't be Pringles--"can't eat just one"--they weren't invented until the 1960s. What would really be strange is if there was an open laptop computer on the counter. Twilight Zone stuff.
My guess would be oatmeal, or maybe salt. Both have traditionally been packaged in cylindrical cannisters, though flat, rectangular boxes would make more sense.
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