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In 1959, Julius Shulman photographed these two service stations. The description says they were taken "For United States Steel Corporation, market development division", but gives no other details. This is "Job 2755: Service Stations (Los Angeles, Calif.), 1959".

I haven't been able to find the location of this Shell station. Probably the biggest clue is the "Fifield" sign on the roof above the canopy on the left.

This Flying A Service station was easier to track down. Next to the door I could read "37?? S Sepulveda Blvd", and on the right is a street sign for the 3700 block of S Dufresne Court.

Both from Getty Research Institute

The view below is from 1948 - the Flying A Service station is the one at top center. The photo above is from 1959, but by 1964, the station was replaced by a squarer design. The croissant-shaped station on the left was redesigned by 1967. There's now a 7-Eleven on the site of the Flying A.

Historic Aerials.
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