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DOELOE dan KINI (Past and Present)

DOELOE : "Koningsplein"

Aerial 0paleis_van_de_Gouverneur-Generaal_aan_het_Koningsplein_Batavia

KINI : "TAMAN MONAS (MOnumen NASional)" (MONAS Square)

The two last pictures show "MONAS Square" to the north.
In the distance is the area that was once the center of The Old Batavia (Jakarta Bay is also visible) are now very congested.
When the existing MONAS Park seen in the photo above is traced from the aerial view over the first photo (old photo) above,
it shows that Monas was not built at the center of the "Koningsplein" square but has been shifted to the right,
it is because the existing MONAS Park Area now cover almost three times larger,
and now MONAS Square has become the largest square in the world.

Meanwhile, the picture above is taken from the "Monas SQUARE" to the south.
As mentioned in the review of the history of the city of Jakarta above, the Old Batavia has grown, stretching to the south,
this is what we can see today, many CBDs built in the south of the city,
even those areas designated as housing that was built since the era of the 50s,
nowadays have been turning their functions into commercial areas,
these areas has transformed into "super blocks" with high-rise buildings within.

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