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Originally Posted by ethereal_reality View Post
The A.G. Bartlett Building is a 14-story building at 215 W. 7th Street. When completed in 1911 it was the tallest building
in Los Angeles for five years. -Designed by well-known Los Angeles architects John Parkinson & Edwin Bergstrom in the Beaux Arts style.


The Union Oil Co. occupied the upper floors from 1911 to 1923.

Sadly, at ground level a 'modern' facade has been tacked on the vintage building.


(it appears the street level facade might have been remodeled years ago from Beaux Arts to Art Deco)

The classic street address two fifteen is almost hidden by the most recent 'modernization'.


I came across this wonderful photograph showing the art deco entrance before the ill-conceived 'modernization'.

old cd of mine

Circa 1913

Here is a not too clear image of the lower floors circa 1913. I'd also like to know when the art deco remodeling was done.

USC Digital Archive

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