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Originally Posted by Ed Henry View Post
I suppose it was only a matter of time... I live here! (the 2nd floor). Oddly enough, I only recently deciphered the faint signage on the side: Sprague Meter Company. I've lived here a dozen years and every time I walk up to the place and look at that sign I've scratched my head. A couple months ago it just suddenly jumped out at me. Google tells me that Sprague made coin-operated home gas meters. You put in a nickel (or whatever) and it gave you a nickel's worth of natural gas.
My landlord tells me this building used to be a chili factory (processing chili peppers). But I don't think it is/was related to the El Pato hot sauce factory which is just up the road. Also said the place was built in 1917 or 27, I forget. He had some photo he found when he bought the place (I think)... I'll see if I can get my hands on that and scan it. In fact, I'll sit down with him next week and see if I can get the whole story from him (take notes, etc.).

I haven't been able to find any older photos online of this building. None. And very very few from this area of Mission Rd. This part of Mission Rd used to be called something else. I'll dig that up and post again another day.

Man, the place kinda looks like hell in these google street view pictures... It's taken some damage at one point or another, and has, within the last 20 years or so, been retro-fitted with additional structural supports. The landlord, who is an architect and specializes in earthquake retrofit, has an office on the ground floor, so I assume the place is relatively safe.
According to tax records this building was built in 1921. Its owned by an architect who's a teaches various architecture courses at a college and helps people obtain their architecture licenses. He does this by offering private tutoring and the books he has written. According to several reports he's well liked by his students. Nice to see you on this thread, Ed.
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