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There should be another sub-forum within the photography area for older threads and a place for people to post their "once more" and constantly updated threads.
I think this is a great idea and would solve the issue of the constantly updated threads clogging the forum and the old threads being brought back to life.

Instead of A-M and N-Z, divide the photo forum into threads newer than 1 or 2 weeks and threads older than 1 or 2 weeks. Is it possible to achieve this with the current BBC code?

As for the stickies, a lot of them could go:
  • The photo contest voting ended a month ago and that thread is still up.
  • General Chat is fine
  • Is it even worth having this thread? It seems that all the suggestions have been ignored so far.
  • Getting to know your SSP photogs - last interview was Oct 6th.
  • Your rights as a photographer - I think this can be killed. Maybe others find it useful.
  • Post your gear thread - ok
  • Another photo contest sticky?
  • Past contest winners - last updated sep 21st. If it's not going to be updated unsticky it and let it die.

A 'How to make a photothread' sticky could be useful. I see lots of new users posting pics with links stored on their hard drives, one link to a flickr set, etc. Even experienced users have issues finding tools to link to multiple photos etc. BTW this site is a huge time saver:
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