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Originally Posted by 3940dxer View Post
Those large color Cahuenga Pass photos, originally posted by BifRayRock, are quite interesting to me, especially this "red fez" shot.

I think this must be the area just south of the Mulholland bridge, beneath Lakeridge Drive, and that we are seeing construction vehicles using these dirt paths as access roads. Perhaps they were involved in grading work or construction of homes up on Lakeridge. The vertical perspective in this Google Earth shot doesn't quite match the original, but I believe it's the same area.
Smart call! After discounting several theories, including escaped simians and Rod Serling portals, the construction equipment makes sense, particularly when viewed next to another "presumably" contemporaneous picture that has a red bodied cement truck with a white or light colored mixer. See far right of picture at 3 O'clock. (On the opposite hillside, there appears to be two larger red vehicles, suggesting the possibility that red was the favored color of the on-scene construction company.)
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