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Originally Posted by FredH View Post

Question: When was this overpass on the freeway removed? Was it just a pedestrian crossing? I can't tell.

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I believe it was a rail crossing, but as far as I can remember, I had never seen it used; it always had the closed chain link fences on both ends. I believe it was removed some time in the early or mid-90s.

Originally Posted by FredH View Post
According to the Taix website, the history of the restaurant includes this statement:

"In 1912 Marius Taix Sr. built a hotel called the Champ d'Or in downtown Los Angeles' French quarter. In 1927,
Marius Taix Jr. opened Taix French restaurant within the
hotel serving chicken dinners for 50 cents at long "family-style" tables.
Diners could choose private booth service for an extra quarter. Taix's novel food, unique service and affordable
prices make it a Los Angeles institution."

Have any of you ever heard of a "French quarter" in downtown Los Angeles?
Yes, I have. Vignes Street is named after after Jean-Louis Vignes, a Frenchman who settled in LA in the 1830s and owned a vineyard. The area of his vineyard attracted other French settlers and a little "French quarter" developed. And, today in Chinatown, what is now known as the Pacific Alliance Medical Center used to be called the French Hospital. There's even a statue of Joan of Arc in front of it.
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