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Subway Security Increased After Moscow Bombings

By: NY1 News

The New York City Police Department ramped up its security underground this morning following news of a deadly suicide bombing inside the Moscow subway system.

At least 36 were killed and dozens more injured in the rush hour attacks in Russia's capital city.

Officials say they believe the attacks were carried out by two female bombers from the Caucasus region.

The twin attacks were carried out 45 minutes apart.

The first station hit is located underneath the offices of a main KGB agency.

Russian immigrants living in the Brighton Beach section of Brooklyn say they are frantically trying to get in touch with friends and family back home.

"It's very close to my former home, it's a wonderful area, populated. I mean, I'm horrified, what else can I say? It's very sad," said one Russian immigrant.

"It's terrible. Now I'm rushing from Brighton Beach to Manhattan to my office to call Moscow to find out if all of my friends and relatives are still alive," said another.

Meanwhile, the New York City Police Department says it is beefing up subway security with special units wearing helmets and body armor as a precaution.

Straphangers who spoke with NY1 say it is better safe than sorry.

"I think it's good that we're stepping it up, I hope it doesn't slow anything down because it's kind of ridiculous, with traveling to the airport and all the security they have there, hope it doesn't become like that in the subway," said one straphanger.

"We should have more security. I mean we still have our threats, and I think they're doing a great job and I hope they keep doing it, and don't take them for granted," said another.

This is the first terrorist attack in Moscow since 2004. Those attacks were also linked to Islamic separatists from the Caucasus region.

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