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Updated 03/11/2010 08:26 PM
Woman Crushed By 6 Train On Upper East Side

By: NY1 News

A 48-year-old woman was struck and killed Thursday by a northbound 6 train on the Upper East Side.

It happened around 3:45 p.m. inside the 77th Street station at Lexington Avenue.

Police say the unidentified woman apparently climbed down to the tracks to retrieve a bag.

Witnesses say as the train came rolling into the station, people waiting on the platform began yelling at the woman to lie down. Instead, the victim became trapped between the wall and the train.

"According to the signs that are in the subway, they ask you, if you drop an item onto the tracks, do not try to retrieve it. You go to the station agent and then they'll try to retrieve the item that you drop. You just shouldn't do it," said one witness.

Police say the conductor blew the train's horn when entering the station. A passenger onboard also pulled the emergency break.

Service on the 6 line was disrupted for a time during rush hour, but has since been restored.

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