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Originally Posted by James Bond Agent 007 View Post
I'm starting to get pissed at this kitty. It keeps losing its little mouse toys. Yesterday I spent at least a half hour looking for one of them only to find it buried in the most obscure location. Today I've spent probably an hour-and-a-half looking for the same one but cannot find it ANYWHERE!

At this rate I'm gonna end up spending $100 a month just on kitty toy replacements.

A suggestion: Don't let the cat outdoors anymore. I read that outdoor cats live an average of 7 years and indoor cats live and average of 17 years.

By the time the kitty is 7 years old you will be very fond of her and the various accidents that happen to outdoor cats will be painful. Just keep her inside--she won't mind, believe me. I can stand with the door open and my cat won't even try to go out.
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