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Please vote for my patent.

Please vote for this entry on the ID-GC page

Press '' Yiannis Lymperis '' Entry '' and Vote

Yiannis Lymperis's antiseismic patend can save lives and properties. Vote for him to help this grow.

My name is Yiannis Lymperis. This video shows the mechanism of the seismic system and a seismic design method.
It presents also experiments with and without the seismic patent, side by side on screen to compare the seismic protection offered by the invention.
The utility of the invention has been shown experimentally.

Patent Idea
We have placed on a table two columns, one column screwed on the table, and the other simply put on the table.
If one shifts the table, the unbolted column will be overthrown.
The bolted column withstands the lateral loading.
We do exactly the same in every column of a building to withstand more lateral earthquake loading. That is done, by simply screwing it to the ground.
This pretension between the roof of the structure and the soil has been globally disclosed for the first time.
The horizontal earthquake load generates oscillation, and the result is that the upper plates shift more than the lower ones, the columns lose their eccentricity exerting a lifting force on the bases, as well as creating a twisting action in all of the nodes of the structure.
The ideal situation would be if one could construct a building framework where, during an earthquake, all the plates would shift by the same amplitude as the ground without differing phases.
The research I have carried out resulted in just this. The method of the invention eliminates all these problems of deformation in the building construction applying pretension, through the mechanism, between the roof of the structure and the soil.

1) Comparing with existing anti seismic systems, the invention increases the strength of the structure to an earthquake over 100% and reduces the cost of protection more than 50%.
2) I believe that with this method, prefabricated houses can be placed in towns constructing several floors. Manufacturers and all of us will profit from this change because they are industrially produced 30-50% cheaper.
3) The Patent mechanism can be applied to all building projects being under construction, however, it may also be placed in many existing structures, ensuring seismic protection.
Patent mechanism and method offer protection to lightweight constructions against tornadoes.
It may also be used as an anchor for the support of ground slopes on highways.
It ensures a strong foundation in soft ground.
And all this in a patent
There is no absolute seismic design.
The invention provides the absolute seismic design.
Its uniqueness makes it very marketable.
Our scientific team consists of:
A) Professor Panagiotis Karidis, Seismic Technologist-Engineer and Founder of the seismic base at The National Technical University.
B) Nikos Markatos, Chemical Engineer and former Rector of The National Technical University.
All of us have over 40 years experience, and this is the guarantee of the investment that we ask you to undertake.

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