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Originally Posted by CityBoyDoug View Post


I like the light gently falling upon the entrance courtyard.

This is the residence of Gertrude Enos at 3500 West Adams Blvd. Some of Los Angeles' fine homes that are "like jewelry in that they satisfied particular whims of their builders" but haven't their original value now on the open market, a topic being discussed before the Board of Supervisors on July 26, 1940. The Enos home is assessed at $14,740. She asks it be cut to $5,260. This is the old Guasti mansion.We've seen this home before but maybe not this photo. .

Gertrude was Busby Berkeley's mother--he was apparently born William Berkeley Enos and later borrowed the Busby from an actress and combined it with what was his mother's maiden name. A few more views, including the one at top, in ER post three years ago:

I'm sure an old widow would have been able to get better results in attempts to get her taxed lowered than her flamboyant son...

I didn't know about Busby's car accident in 1935...mummy was always close by:

LAT Sept 13 & 18, 1935

Maybe she didn't get the taxes reduced...

LAT August 9, 1945

She died a year later--
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