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Originally Posted by Blaster View Post
Re-watching ON DANGEROUS GROUND (1951).

(Terrific Bernard Herrmann score by the way.)

Like many movies of that era, credits play over a POV through the windshield of a moving car at night.

I caught a May Company sign on the left, then Baker Shoes and Denver Dry Goods on the right.

Would this be Wilshire and Fairfax or somewhere else?
The answer is "somewhere else". IMDb lists three filming locations (Granby, Grand Lake and Tabernash, Colorado, USA), but they are all too small for the scene in the opening shot. Here are a couple of grabs from near the start of the credits:

RKO Radio Pictures

The first has the lower portion of a Kress sign in the top right. Going down through the "E" of "PICTURES" is a sign for Joslins (a five-story department store). The second picture has the May Co. sign on the left with a JC Penney Co sign just to its right.

These stores were all on 16th Street in Denver, Co., around Champa Street. The picture below is dated 1944, and includes all the stores mentioned above. The Denver Public Library Digital Collection has many more pictures of 16th Street for anyone who's interested.

Denver Public Library

Near the end of the credits, the Denver Theatre appears on the right. More info about the Denver can be found on

Looking at vintage pictures and postcards, it appears that 16th Street changed from two-way to one-way traffic sometime in the 1950s. It's now the partly pedestrianized 16th Street Mall.
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