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Originally Posted by esotouric View Post
Such a shame about Stillwell's, but it reminds me of a wonderful little thicket of surviving older motor hotels just east on Ramona, a road not often traveled since it's uncomfortably freeway-close. You'll find them where Ramona turns into Garvey, around Montezuma and Carlos. (see crummy Google streetview image below)

Cuter still, cruise south down Atlantic and look left to spy this gem at 438 El Mercado Avenue, tucked amidst much new development but still just as cute as the day it was hatched.

I love the Milla -- there are a lot of postcards of Monterey Park motels, never seen one of this'un. Of course, I've never been inside to ask for one, and for all I know, they've had the same postcards sitting out on their counter since 1956.

Here's a few images of The View (since we seem to be on the subject of Shows We Don't Watch lately) and the Midwick:

Once 2436 W Garvey, now just 1901 Garvey. I really want to underscore what a sexy, successful piece of modern architecture this motel is. That roofline, that corner window, the tower-as-sign:

Of course the tower-as-sign was covered in neon; of course they recently stripped it of all of its neon. The tubing is gone from the letters, reversible, but the can for the drive-in-here is dumpstered, presumably. Note in the postcard image the sign was made up of horizontal boarding -- interesting choice -- which one can see more of in the avilon_music close-up.

As for The View up the street, once 2500 W Garvey, now 1851:

Blessedly as of this writing it remains pretty unchanged. The sign has lost where it read "Apts & Rooms" but otherwise, at least it's still neon.

(...I thought Midwick was an interesting name for a motel, and so learned some [I thought] interesting things about the Midwick Country Club while I was at it...go here and scroll down to Midwick Tract... also and )
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