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Like so many large-formats, you just get lost in 'em...

Yes, you do Beaudry. Ain't it fun?

Anyway, what I noticed was the LACK OF HANDRAILS on the steps leading from just below Harold's right knee to his co-star's a.. uhhh... I

Also noticed the same in Kiss Me Deadly. For those familiar with the movie, as I now am: Mike is on his way to get information from the opera singer, who lives in the Hillcrest. He drives north on Clay, under Angels Flight in that now-famous shot of the passing Sinai and Olivet, and parks at the foot of the stairs There are two sets of stairs, actually - one alongside the Sunshine Apts, to the left, and the other alongside the Astoria, on the right, with some sort of concrete drainage culvert between them. The camera shows Mike beginning to ascend the stairs and then cuts to the entrance of the Hillcrest, at top, Mike walking through the lobby doors and we overhear a cabbie in an adjacent phone booth.

Nary a handrail in sight. (While the "lobby-shot" does show handrails, it was established earlier that it's an entirely different set of stairs than we see at the beginning of Mike's hill-climbing adventure, as the actual Hillcrest was ABOVE the Sunshine, on Olive.)

How long would it be until somebody like Cal-OSHA was camped on your doorstep if you tried to pull that off today? Five minutes?

Perhaps life is safer now. Maybe less dangerous. Certainly less interesting.


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