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Originally Posted by Nouvellecosse View Post
I never suggested that I was offended. I simply offered advice on how to present an argument more effectively since I didn't find the way you presented yours to be very effective.

Part of the problem is that you you don't seem to know what the term "strawman argument" actually refers to. The jargon of argumentation techniques including terms for various logical fallacies has started to flood the common lexicon and unfortunately this has watered down their meaning to the point that they're often used haphazardly. But originally a strawman argument was a term describing a counter argument that rebuts something similar to what an opponent said rather than the opponent's' actual argument, thereby burning their argument in effigy (like someone burning a straw man made in the image of a real person). In reality, the actual argument if left unscathed, but the technique can sometimes trick the audience into thinking otherwise.

As an example, if someone makes the argument that "Poor people don't get around Manhattan by driving" and someone responds by saying "It isn't only rich people who drive in Manhattan" this would be a strawman argument since it refutes something similar sounding but totally different than the original assertion (car usage by a minority of people vs the vast majority of people). On the other hand, if for instance someone suggests that a congestion tax in Manhattan would price out the poor and someone responds by challenging the idea that the poor get around Manhattan by driving, that wouldn't be a strawman argument since it addresses the original assertion (that the tax would negatively affect the poor) rather than an argument similar to it but different.

Anyway, I hope that helps and i'm sorry if I gave the impression I was offended.
Well, thank you for giving some advice. I always welcome criticism. Though I am not quite sure even know how I should conclude you were telling me my argument wasn't effective by saying what said in your original reply.

I assumed it was a strawman based on the fact that my argument was changed to say I argued the poor only use cars which is NOT the point I was making. You said "the poor use cars to get around Manhattan" which I viewed as a sarcastic post. Maybe I got it wrong or perhaps I am confused to what a strawman means and I will look more into it.
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