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Originally Posted by mrnyc View Post
but seriously, everything you wanted to know about radiation dosages is succinctly outlined at a glance here:
Interesting. Because a lot of people overestimate the danger of visiting the Zone. But actually, even if the radiation levels can be 10, 20 or 100 times (depending on the spots) as high as the natural radioactivity, you still get a lot less radiations when spending two days in the zone than when passing a X-ray.
The liquidators in 1986 had to face radiations levels thousands or millions times higher. Now, that's dangerous.

156- Visiting an abandoned cooling tower :

157- The radiations levels on the ground just in front of the cooling tower are very high :

158- They are quite high in the air too :

159- I must say this was the eeriest and creepiest moment of my visit in the zone.
The accelerating sound of the Geiger counters, reverberating against the walls of the cooling tower gave a sense of doom, of a an upcoming disaster (see the end of my video on the first post of this thread) :




163- When leaving the Zone, you have to pass several radiations checks like this one :

That's all !

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