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Cuomo awards $4 million for clean-energy transportation projects

Gov. Andrew Cuomo has awarded $4.3 million for 17 projects, including five in New York City, aimed at creating more energy-efficient and cleaner transportation systems.
Technologies that qualified for funding included electrified transport, heavy-duty/commercial vehicles, advanced vehicle components, and efforts to reduce traffic congestion, improve infrastructure or reduce energy use in transportation by road, rail, water or air.
Cuomo said these projects are in line with his goal to increase support for new and innovative clean energy technologies that help reduce dependence on fossil fuels.

In New York City, the projects include:

LED lighting for New York City’s subway($242,000) – Westbury-based Clear-Vu Lighting will expand its LED lighting products to include a new device to be used in the New York City subway system. Clear-Vu's product would replace a compact fluorescent lighting system used to light tunnels with a LED-based system that would significantly reduce installation and energy costs.
Improving traffic management ($75,000)– Bandwagon of Brooklyn will work with researchers at Columbia University, New York University and several city agencies to develop an open database management system that would pool sources of electronic information on traffic flow in order to promote traffic data accessibility, improve traffic management, increase traffic efficiency and reduce fuel use due to traffic delays.

Wireless electric vehicle charging ($240,000)– New York-based HEVO Power is working with NYU Polytechnic School of Engineering, Pepsi-Co/Frito-Lay of Purchase, and several other partners, to develop wireless electric vehicle charging technology. The concept uses a wireless transmitter in the pavement and a receiver unit mounted under the vehicle. The technology is meant to promote the growth of electric vehicles in New York City.

Reducing FDNY ambulance idling ($360,000)– The Fire Department of the City of New York averages 625 ambulance trips per day, strategically dispersed throughout the five boroughs to minimize response time. However, those ambulances can idle 12 hours a day, wasting fuel. Truck stop electrification company Shorepower Technologies of Utica is working with Eldor Electric LLLC of College Point and the FDNY on a pilot project to design, install and evaluate street-side electric connections to replace wasteful idling.

Car-share/van-pool efficiency ($325,000)– New York’s Social Bicycles seeks to combine car-share and van-pool programs to make more efficient use of idled vehicles for work commuting, airport trips, large entertainment events such as concerts, and other uses.
Other projects in the state include energy-efficient ways to control airplane traffic at major airports, research on constructing hybrid bus motors, and ways to improve truck aerodynamics and tire pressure monitoring.
Apr 18, 2014
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