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Originally Posted by Steely Dan View Post
for their architecture alone, i've got to give props to downtown aurora and elgin. they're not the liveliest of places, but they have bigger bones than most suburban downtowns because they weren't built as burbs.
I'd Waukegan in the same category with them (along with Joliet). If these towns were in the LA Metro area, they'd be successful destinations to the extent of Pasadena or Santa Monica. Maybe someone will realize their potential in the next few decades. Then again, in that scenario, Gary would of been like Long Beach. This is one of the many reasons I find the LA metro so interesting, cause a lot of its like a Mediterranean looking, west coast version of what the bungalow belt might have looked like had urban Chicagoland kept growing.

There's some others not mentioned too, such as

Whiting, Indiana.

Michigan City, IN (would this be considered a suburb or sattelite city?)

Edit, I saw Joliet mentioned already.
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