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Originally Posted by Ch.G, Ch.G View Post
Hubbard Woods is tiny. You could isolate a comparable strip from any larger North Shore downtown. I certainly wouldn't categorize it differently than Glencoe or Winnetka.
Not classifiying it different from Winnetka; my list put them in the same bullet point. The two are fairly similar with public squares by the train station and community anchors nearby. Glencoe is more sleepy.

I haven't seen Central Ave in Evanston brought up yet... really nice business district there.

Once Upon a Bagel, Michael's, Stash's, Love's frozen yogurt, Walker Bros.
I would kill for any of these (well, maybe not Stash's)

Really? There are plenty of wealthy suburbs with shit downtowns. Deerfield had an opportunity not too long ago to make their downtown more inviting but totally blew it with the arrangement of the massive amount of surface parking they installed.
Well, they just replaced the Commons with another strip mall... basically the same site plan. It's not any worse than it was...
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