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Originally Posted by J. Will View Post
They would really benefit if NJ Transit could create a one-seat ride to the Meadowlands. That would make a huge difference to the number of tourists they could potentially attract instead of forcing them to transfer and wait in Secaucus.
Um, you know the irony of that statement, right? Christie canceled the ARC project - which would have enabled a one-seat ride from Penn Station to the Meadowlands - on the basis of cost-cutting just a few months before announcing further subsidies for this ill-conceived money pit of a private development.

I'm sure the amusement park aspect will do okay, but the mall is only going to succeed in poaching business from older nearby malls, resulting in a net zero gain in sales tax for the state.

I don't know why New Jersey persists in these stupid development schemes in the Meadowlands. They've been nothing but a money-suck since day one. New Jersey taxpayers are still paying for the old Giants stadium - even though it was demolished last year. And how much money does the useless Izod Center cost the state to maintain?
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