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here's a photograph that i have never seen before (i have seen it as a postcard view but never a photograph), of singleton court on palm drive just north of west adams between flower and olive, (currently the site of the orthopaedic medical center).

Source: LAPL

The view is looking south towards west adams

Scott details the history of this street and it's palm tree's so well on his Los angeles Past Blog site

Singleton Court, located on 3 1/2 acres at 2400 South Flower Street in the West Adams district of Los Angeles, was a Colonial Revival style home, and the residence of John Singleton. Singleton made his fortune as the president of the Yellow Aster Mining Co. in Randsburg, California. Sometime before 1918, the house was destroyed by fire, leaving only the brick stable building. A later owner, John Brockman, deeded the property to the Los Angeles Orthopaedic Foundation, and the stables were converted into a clinic. The clock tower was removed to Brockman's estate in Glendale.
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