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Originally Posted by ethereal_reality View Post

My God, they did a GREAT job restoring the Brunswig Building!

Jesus E. Salgado (no date), SSC

Indeed! I remember when it looked like that; I honestly thought that the building wasn't salvageable, what with all that bracing on it, and thought it would be knocked down/dismantled. Later during the period when it was covered in scaffolding and tarp, I still wasn't sure if they were restoring it or getting it ready for demolition. Of course as it turned out, they were saving it. Looking at that photo, I didn't realize there were still remnants of the "Brunswig Drug Co." sign on it.

Here's another pic I took of it back in November of 2009. It sorta kinda matches the perspective of the photo above.

I'll definitely try to take more recent photos of it. I'd like to see it without that temporary fencing.
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