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A challenge

To me, one of the great architectural mysteries of L.A. has always been Berkeley Square. Ever heard of it? The "10" took it out in the '60s. In some ways it's even more mysterious than old Bunker Hill--it too has physically vanished, but there seems to be little photographic evidence of it left. It was a gated private east-west street between Western Ave. and Gramercy Place. The houses were all big--Sam Watters features one in his Houses of Los Angeles 1885-1919, and here are some lesser-quality pics of some of the others, along with shots of the gates. Occasionally I'll run across references to the street in bios of early L.A. businessmen, lawyers, and judges. Can anyone find any more (and better) pics of Berkeley Square, any more information on it at all?

EDIT: I did it myself--for a full history of Berkeley Square, see

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