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Originally Posted by ethereal_reality View Post
GaylordWilshire, I've NEVER been able to place this building until you posted the above photograph.
Doesn't this look like the same building as Sister Aimee's Bible School??

I was confused about which building was which--
while in an earlier pic of yours the smaller wedge-shaped
building on the corner had a sign on its gate indicating it was the
Bible school, it makes sense that that must be Sister's house--
the big building must be the Bible school. (Or maybe Sister lived in
the big building and the marionette lived in the little one.)
Your pic here is definitely the same building (Corinthian columns,
top gothic-arched windows--a real L.A. architectural mishmash),
though you can't see the house at left or the temple itself. This
could be a pic of the opening-day celebration of the school in 1925.



Here is an amusing website, with further links to pics, and fabulous
musical accompaniment (oh Sister!):
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