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Hill Street Tunnels No 1 & 2

Originally Posted by GaylordWilshire View Post
There's our old wet-blanket friend the WCTU at Broadway & Temple (upper center), and the Broadway Tunnel beyond that. But I'm blanking out on the tunnel at the upper left. Anyone?
Originally Posted by Los Angeles Past View Post
I've never heard a name for that tunnel, but I think it's another trolley tunnel that's just north of the Hill Street trolley tunnel (the one on the left in this view):

I like this photo from 1908 showing where Hill stopped at First Street, and before First was extended up First Street Hill:

And check out the sign for the Highland Villa (a grand old building):

"Furnished rooms/$2.00 per week & up."
The tunnel that you are blanking out on is tunnel No. 2 of the Hill Street Red Car Line. Tunnel No.1 is the double tunnel shown above, Tunnel No.2 ran between Temple and Sunset directly under Moore Hill. In fact, it ran directly beneath the School building on the hill.

here is a link to a page that describes in detail both tunnels;

here are two images clearly showing tunnel No. 2 during the grading process of Moore Hill for the freeway. The North Portal of double Tunnel No.1 is directly beneath the white house in the photo. 215 N. Hill, Burt Lancaster's family's house in the 1949 film Criss Cross


usc digital library


usc digital library

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