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Originally Posted by SLO View Post
Sure if you are talking skyline from a distance. I'd put Miami number 3 right now. Then you get into Houston, LA, Dallas, Atlanta's coming on, Philly? maybe, San Francisco, Boston, Seattle. (all good skylines btw)
On the other hand if you are talking about density of buildings/people & vibrancy along with height than San Fran is easily #3.
In the 70s, San Francisco actually was 3rd behind New York and Chicago in terms of sheer number of tall buildings until Houston moved it out in in 80s with so many buildings over 500 feet tall. San Francisco's density and vibrancy is indisputable. I would say it is second only to New York in that regard.

Houston's skyline is more dispersed throughout the city, but its sheer number of tall buildings is indisputable. Miami is not 3rd based on what has already topped out though. Statistically, according to the World Alamanac and the Almanac of Architecture and Design in terms of tall buildings, Miami's number three ranking is based on what has made it to construction that has not gone vertical enough yet to even be visible on the skyline. For some of our buildings under construction, they are still doing foundation work. With the number of Miami's buildings that have actually topped out, Houston is still third behind New York and Chicago until Miami's buildings all actually reach their height specifications. We have a few that didn't and are not actually as tall as listed.
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