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The Second Tier

Originally Posted by SLO View Post
Yeah, I dont know that people under rate the Houston skyline. It is definitely impressive, after NYC & Chicago its in the second tier with 6 or 7 other cities....
This is how I would define the second tier. Before computers, I used the World Almanac and Book of Facts as my reference for the heights of buildings in North American cities. For many years, the World Almanac would list buildings 400 feet tall and up with of course New York and Chicago being the notable exceptions. For New York, they never counted anything below 500 feet tall. But in 2008, for the purposes of space (with the exception of New York and Chicago of course), there are 7 North American cities for which the World Almanac will only count from 450 feet tall and up. These are the cities that might now be considered second tier: Dallas, Houston, Las Vegas, Miami, San Francisco, and Toronto. Using their list starting at 450 feet tall and adding up the heights of all the buildings, Miami edges out Houston for third in the U.S. Toronto, Canada would be third if it were actually in the U.S.
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