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Originally Posted by SLO View Post
Yeah, I dont know that people under rate the Houston skyline. It is definitely impressive, after NYC & Chicago its in the second tier with 6 or 7 other cities....
Houston's skyline is more than second tier. With the number of buildings that it has that are over 500 feet tall, it has had a lock on third behind New York and Chicago for over 20 years now.

Los Angeles had a boom in the late 80s and early 90s, which gave it the tallest building west of Chicago, but it wasn't enough to give it the third biggest skyline in the country such as Houston had.

Miami just recently had a boom that was so incredible that what has made it to construction thus far gives Miami a third place ranking behind New York and Chicago with buildings in the 400 feet tall and up height range. In the 500 feet tall and up height range, Houston is still third, but we are not done here in Miami. The city has several more buildings planned including three supertalls with interest in further developing Miami still very strong. The planned twin Empire World towers at 1,010 feet I feature in my avatar. They were originally proposed at 1,200 feet, but the FAA said "No way!" with Miami International Airport in the middle of the city. Houston will need another big boom to stay third behind New York and Chicago in the 500 feet tall and up range.
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