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Originally Posted by Busy Bee View Post
As far as the Pepsi wheel representing an "out of control consumer culture", I say that's nonsense. Since the age of the electric sign, signs of over the top scale have always existed, some still. Many became instant landmarks. They are a part of the urban environment. This Pepsi wheel is just taking it one step further. If the argument is that it's tacky—then maybe. But some things can and will become delightfully tacky. The setting also has a lot to do with it. No one would agree with this at the sight of the London Eye on the Thames, but at a sports complex next to the highway in the Meadowlands?... I'll take it.
Maybe "out-of-control consumer culture" was a bit exaggerated. We do live in a country built on capitalism after all. Still though, this is not even attractive advertising, for me it would be an eyesore, in Times Square, on the Thames River, or next to the Jersey Turnpike, it really doesn't matter. I'd take the "Pepsi-Cola" sign on the Queens waterfront over this anyday.

Speaking of the London Eye, I wouldn't mind that in place of this wheel. What about the wheel at Navy Pier in Chicago? Come on people, we can do better....
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