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Originally Posted by GaylordWilshire View Post
Gaylord's original stretch of Wilshire, west from Westlake Park. From right are the Otis, Earl, and Henderson houses.

And to the east of the park, two houses (including the Shatto residence at right, also seen below) on Orange Street, which became Wilshire in the '20s.

The Shatto house, 1213 Orange/Wilshire. George Shatto once owned Catalina.
Yes, that makes perfect sense now. It was Wilshire immediately west of Westlake Park that I heard was the original wide boulevard. I guess I just assumed the rest of it was built that way, too, and maybe it was to the west, but to the east - yeah, that had to be brutally widened in places...

Those mansions on Orange were extraordinary! I can't recall seeing anything like those pictures before. Thank you for posting them.


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