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Originally Posted by GaylordWilshire View Post
In production now is the remake. If it's going to be remade, I guess HBO and Kate Winslet are the ones to do it, though I can't imagine it'll ever come close to the original even with them--will it? Hope it's not filmed in Bulgaria rather than on location in L.A.--remember the travesty of the 2006 Black Dahlia? Neither was I a fan of Far from Heaven (2002)--not an "L.A." movie, but one sharing directors with the new Mildred--Todd Haynes. It should be interesting to see a filmed MP set in the novel's Depression background, although it's hard to imagine it being better than the pure noir '40s of the 1945 version.
Oh, say it isn't so, a remake? Well at least it'll be on HBO (a station I don't get, incidentally) and I assume it'll more closely follow the novel? I haven't read the novel.

I never saw "Black Dahlia." I did like "Far From Heaven," though; I thought it was a good tribute to Douglas Sirk, hehe but another good Douglas Sirk homage is "Polyester," at least in my opinion.

I know I'm going off topic but a few months ago I saw a movie on DVD which was set in old Los Angeles but was actually shot in South Africa, called "The Fall," which I actually liked but I don't think it did well at the box office. I say this because there was another film which I haven't seen yet, an adaptation of Fante's "Ask the Dust" starring Colin Farrell, which was also shot in South Africa but set on old Bunker Hill in LA.
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