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Normandie Village

Perhaps some here at the site will recall that I've been trying for a long time to find any information about a long-gone, picturesque 1920's apartment complex on the Sunset Strip called Normandie Village. Nobody here had ever heard of it or knew anything about it. Finally, just in the past several days, an article about Normandie Village appeared in the "Hollywoodland" blog:
A friend who lived in West Hollywood in the 50's remembers it well and said it was large, maybe a half-block square in size.
At the bottom of the blog article, one of the people making a comment includes a link to a great L.A. Times photo showing just how interesting and wonderful Normandie Village was.,

Another L.A. treasure, demolished and forgotten in the 60's.
I hope some kind soul here will post the article and photos, as I don't know how to.
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