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Originally Posted by Mr Downtown View Post
Is it just an "old white person" thang that's not important in trying to set up a New World Order? I was annoyed that Cox's new DPD hires were done primarily on the basis of skin color—even to the point of readvertising the positions when the first group of applicants weren't the right color. And then yesterday he just threw the longtime Landmarks staff under the bus, suggesting that he was just putting on the table a district he didn't believe in for council to do whatever they like with.
When I made a comment similar to this (bringing up concerns about “anti-racist” statements made by a woman in Woodlawn who wanted to keep that neighborhood a certain “color”) you told me to go back to Libertyville (I can pull up that quote if you’d like)

And here you are voicing basically an identical concern.

Just thought I’d point that out
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