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Originally Posted by iheartthed View Post
In addition to airplanes being huge sources of greenhouse gases, maybe human mobility will also add to it. But we've got plenty of mosquitos here in North America to spread disease. There were no planes to blame back in the Dark Ages, but plenty of mosquitos, ticks, and rats.

Actually, civilization/urbanization is the easiest way to spread disease. We're more sanitary than we used to be, but we still constantly get each other sick. Then there are other potential sources of mass disease, like the water supply. The worst case scenarios could be really bad...
So when I was in Charleston, I went on a horse and buggy tour. The original settlements of the area were on John's Island, on the Southside of Charleston Harbor.

However, those settlements were plagued by mosquito born diseases and it was determined that the tip of the peninsula [present day Charleston] is better due to the constant breeze/air flow that suppresses the mosquitos.

That's how Charleston was founded.