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Originally Posted by Jim in Chicago View Post
I sort of think "the state" has other fish to fry, and in any case why should the state continue to build sports facilities for teams that are owned by an investor? Joe can cough up the money.
I never said the state has to pay for it. But the ISFA owns Sox Park and all of the surrounding lots, so they'd have to be on board with redevelopment of that area. Redevelopment that is sports-related would seem to be a better fit than a casino complex or mixed-use redevelopment. We've already seen from Lincoln Yards that big developers think they can make big real-estate plays on the back of a pro soccer team.

"Just" add a stop - any clue how many millions of our tax dollars that would cost?
An expensive station that would still be almost a mile from the Michael Reese site. Metra Electric is right there, but any kind of real rapid transit service on that railroad is years away, if it ever happens.
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