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Originally Posted by LouisVanDerWright View Post
I wouldn't call "literally on top of a metra station" "zero transit access"...

The best part is this will be easily connected to the ONE CHICAGO transit hub!

A train that runs every half-hour on weekends isn't really the best way to get people to/from a stadium. They could add extra service, but if they're not willing to do that for the Bears I don't know why they would do it for the Fire. Plus the station is old and rickety, and definitely not ADA-compliant.

I guess this plan might make sense if CTA ever takes over Metra Electric and runs 5-minute frequencies here, but that's far from certain right now.

We've seen what a stadium built without transit access looks like: the United Center. I don't really want to see a huge sea of parking rise up on prime lakefront land. But, yeah, I guess some of the pie-in-the-sky parts of the One Chicago plan might also help a stadium down here.
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