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Originally Posted by mt_climber13 View Post

Another argument is that open air venues aren't exactly acoustically conducive to concerts, besides the point that blaring music annoys the fuck out of the neighbors. This arena will be much much better than anything else available in SF. And the fact that the taxpayers didn't have to contribute anything for it is a huge win.
I've lived within a few blocks of the stadium for some time. It is harder to hear the concerts than you might think. It might be different in higher floors of buildings literally right across from the park, but I think you knew what you were in for if you rented, bought there.

Honestly, fans being rowdy past 11:30 or midnight is the only thing people I've talked to have had a problem with, and that's rare. Usually a call to the police for a noise complaint sorts that one out pretty quick.

Anyway, yes, the new stadium will certainly be one of the choice venues in SF.
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