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Originally Posted by Shawn View Post
Boston has been experiencing a solid, under-the-radar building boom over the past half decade. No new trophy towers sadly, although a few are approved and will be breaking grown soon if not already, but a ton of 15-30 floor infill residential and office buildings have gone up.

LSyd, the demo work you see was done for Filene's / Millennium Tower, which will break ground in less than 2 months (625 feet tall):
Very cool. Thanks for the info.
I recall street-viewing Boylston Street at one point, and to my surprise, noticing that the front plaza of the Pru had been filled by a large hotel. Very few times have I noticed the interior of a dense city suddenly become so noticeably narrower! In NYC or Chicago they'll tear down some old 30 floor skyscraper for a new 1000 footer, thus preserving the already existing shadows.
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