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Originally Posted by ethereal_reality View Post
No to be confused with the hill from.....

"What, No Beer?" (1933)

my screengrabs

Thanks for trying Hoss.
I was sure John Bengtson at 'silentlocations' would have covered this particular location....but as far as I can tell, he hasn't.

The area at the bottom of the 'mystery' hill is a bit unusual with the two parallel streets (in front and behind the grocery store)
It's interesting that the back street is a good deal higher than the street that runs in front of the store.

Again, thanks for trying.

I've been in touch with John Bengtson about What—No Beer?-- he emailed me what he knows about the barrel scene: "I know that the grocery store at the bottom of the hill, that the truck crashes through, was a set, built in the intersection." (Now I see that the store set was actually built in the intersection. This would also explain the appearance of the billboard for another MGM film, Grand Hotel, released the year before.) He notes that while there is a street sign visible, it isn't clear enough to read in available prints.

It looks like twin-lamp streetlights are at the top of the hill--they look to me as though they could be the type once found on Hollywood Boulevard, and, I believe Franklin--but following those streets and others I haven't found any street alignments or topography that might be possibilities. Someone here will find it though.


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