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Here's couple of Halvoo's best known landmarks. First the Central Railway Station. Halvoo's original railway station from the 1890's became very crowded when Halvoo grew quickly in the 1910's and 20's. Planning for a new railway station started in mid 1920's. The building was fully completed and the opening ceremony was held in 1936.

Section004_pic05 by Vellu04, on Flickr

Section004_pic06 by Vellu04, on Flickr

Then there's Halvoontorni, Halvoo's first true skyscraper. Completed in 2007, it is 174 meters tall to the roof (209 meters total to the top of the mast). It was the tallest building in Halvoo from 2007 to 2015. It's still the tallest in the city center and the second tallest in the whole city. Halvoontorni is a mixed-use building with offices, a hotel and apartments in the upper floors.

Section004_pic07 by Vellu04, on Flickr

A view from the Cathedral Square.
Section004_pic08 by Vellu04, on Flickr

A view from south.
Section004_pic09 by Vellu04, on Flickr
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