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Originally Posted by Swede View Post
The type of church reminds me strongly of a certain church in Helsinki
Yes, the Halvoo Cathedral is from the same era as the Helsinki Cathedral (Helsingin tuomiokirkko) and they're both designed in the neoclassical style. Halvoo Cathedral is even more Empire style than the Helsinki Cathedral and actually it was more inspired by the Lapua Cathedral (also in Finland and from the same period) with its octagonal center tower - although the placement of the church is quite exactly the same as Helsinki Cathedrals. The textures are from Helsinki Old Church.

Originally Posted by Swede View Post
What's the full-block low & old yellowish building? and the one north of the church?
I never really decided their history and original purpose, but I think today the full-block Empire style building could be the City Hall and offices and the building north of the church could be for example Halvoo City Museum. Originally it probably was some kind of governmental building, though.

Originally Posted by Swede View Post
Thought: with a city this size & vibrancy on the Helsinki-Turku line, would upgrades to that line come sooner than IRL? Would it be fully 200+km/h?
I think it's very likely.
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